Jessy Lauren Smith is a screenwriter from a lot of places.

Jessy Lauren Smith is a writer from a lot of places who now mostly lives in LA. She specializes in screenplays, scripted podcasts, site-based theatre, and multiple-choice storytelling. She's been a finalist or semifinalist for a whole slew of things, and her screenplay Meet Me in a Dark Alley was in the top 10% of entries for last year's Nicholl Fellowship. Read more »


  • Liberty City

    Liberty City

    Featured, Screenplays

    TV Pilot, Sci-fi, 58 pages

    Two teenagers grow up in two separate underground bunkers, each believing their city is the last remaining civilization—until a hole in a tunnel wall brings them together. Now, can they bridge the gap between two radically different worlds? Or will this mean war?

  • Artifacts


    Featured, Theatre

    Part audio tour, part live theatre, Artifacts was a one-of-a-kind, site-inspired event conceived and created by Jessy, which led audiences deep into a labyrinthine urban artifacts store in Chicago and even deeper into the lives of two different narrators.

  • Points of View

    Points of View

    Scripted Podcasts

    Jessy was a contributing writer for two seasons of The Host podcast, a supernatural call-in show created by Amy Carver. Points of View is one of her favorite calls she wrote for that show.

  • Into December

    Into December

    Short Films

    A toy theater puppet show, handmade and performed by Jessy for The Advent Project. Character illustration by Amalia Dapkiewicz and music by Smallhounds.

  • The Weather

    The Weather

    Featured, Scripted Podcasts

    "The Weather" was written by Jessy for Trap Street's Radiograph project, an audio series about strange things in real places. Starring Jonathan Baude and Jessy. Editing by Amy Carver. Music by Josh Hambrock.

  • Meet Me in a Dark Alley

    Meet Me in a Dark Alley

    Featured, Screenplays

    Feature, Action, 92 pages

    When a female vigilante's next victim turns out to be another killer, she must race to stop him, while trying to keep her FBI agent best friend—and her friend's visiting brother—in the dark and out of danger.

  • It's December, and I Have Some Choices to Make

    It's December, and I Have Some Choices to Make

    Featured, Interactive

    A multi-choice adventure filled with dragons, sea witches, dark jokes, and a longing for home.

    Animated by Mason Sklar. Developed and produced by Austin Heller. Performed by Adrienne Matzen, Nathaniel Andrew, Erin Austin, and Katie Markovich.

  • Happy Holidays from The Smiths!

    Happy Holidays from The Smiths!

    Featured, Short Films

    A holiday family newsletter goes seriously awry, much like the year did. Written and performed by Jessy for The Advent Project. Produced by Austin Heller.