then there’s this glint of red

In June 2014, when members of Living Room Playmakers made a special appearance at a Modet Dance Collective event called Future Perfect Tension, we were asked to create pieces about the end of the world (which fortunately is our specialty). I talked to the audience about my personal visions of what the end could look like. Erin and Chad wrote and performed a musical scene about two people who had been chosen to repopulate the Earth. Tony read letters from a man who had been cryogenically frozen and woke up to disappointment. We did my play The End is Next, about a brother and sister trapped in an L car with a flooded world beneath.

And Jennifer Rumberger wrote a radio play. She and Chad Eschman performed it. I recorded it and edited it to sound like the last phone call in the world. We played it between two of Modet’s dances, in total darkness. It broke some hearts.

It went a little something like this: