Photos from Night Lights can be found here.

Photos from basically everything else I’m doing can be found here.

I was a Storefront Playwright again during Chicago Theatre Week, and the Sun Times even said my name out loud.

The Living Room Playmakers just celebrated our one-year anniversary at the house where we did our first production, Three Stories. I don’t think I could be happier to work with this group of people, or prouder of the work we’ve done in the past year:

Photo by Pam Krayenbuhl

Photo by Pam Krayenbuhl

I am participating in Chicago’s One-Minute Play Festival at Victory Gardens this year. Come see my plays Heat Source and Mermaidtown on Sunday/Monday May 4th & 5th, at 7:30 PM (plus like 70 other plays by Chicago-area playwrights).

Members of Living Room Playmakers, including myself, will be performing plays and prose pieces and songs as part of Modet Dance Collective’s Future Perfect Tension performance at Stage 773 on Sunday, June 15th at 8PM. My short play The End Is Next will be featured.

Many other projects are in the works, but they are all still secrets. More soon!