stories about plays: The End is Next

I’ve been thinking about all the different places where a play can start.

The End Is Next, a ten-minute play about the apocalypse in an ‘L’ car, was directed by Damon Krometis at Next Theatre in April 2012, as part of Master Clash, an ongoing collaboration between the MFA Directors and MFA Playwrights at Northwestern University. It starred Anna Marr and Benj Sullivan-Knoff.

Anna Marr and Benj Sullivan-Knoff in The End Is Next

Photo by David Crawford

This is the short version of a play that continues to grow and stretch.

I started writing it on my phone, on a train in Chicago, after my friend David texted me to ask:

Have you seen The Future?

Yes. …. Wait. Literally, or the Miranda July film?

I mean things that happen after now.

Oh. Yes.

Cool, what happens?

The world gets a lot muddier. Some people learn to love but some people only get really good at their jobs. At the end, it’s just one L car and the ocean.

It sounds wonderful. I can’t wait.