Theatre Collectives! Reviews! Breakfast!

When I’m not making dumb videos, here are some other things I do:

I am part of a new theatre collective called the Living Room Playmakers. We just did Three Stories, three plays that went up in a Rogers Park estate earlier this month, and I will be producing Last Call: 7 Rounds of Theatre in a bar in a Lakeview loft on May 17th & 18th, directed by Jess McLeod. I’m also writing a new short play called Prodigals for that evening. Go to our website! It has pictures and everything.

I am also one-half of Shorties Review Chicago, a two-woman review machine that does one-sentence reviews of art, theatre, live music, film, and the occasional sandwich. If you live in Chicago, we can help you find out what’s good, fast. If you live elsewhere, you will only enjoy it if you like anything.

Did you know that I am also Co-chair of The What Is Breakfast Committee? If you are wondering if what you are eating is Breakfast, our experts are here to help.

So, stop by these sites and be sure to say, “Hello, Jessy!” And I will say, “Hello, you!”